How the Omnipotent are Changing the World

Changing the world? Chipping away at the “old” problems.

Exhibit A: The omnipotent (s) changed time…

Your days are longer whether you’ve noticed it or not. The moment you can out shoot your opponent in a DRAW is the same moment you can turn their bullets into bubbles. So why will the remainder of my posts be offline?

Exhibit B: We’ve loosened up traffic.

Yes, traffic is dwindling in areas where we travel. The point is to recognize the duty you have to other people and just keep moving forward. That’s right, for free…for our freedom; we are working to dissolve the problems that inhibit people from enjoying their life experience.


Telepathic Cognition: Deciphering Sight and Accessing Memories

When talking telepathy, I’m often asked, “How do you do the math?” Telepathic equations take account of variants in deeper complexities than quantum physics. Principles of rounding do not apply in extrasensory perception; all units of information are accounted for. This is what makes telepathy insurmountably accurate.

Exhibit A: Open Telepathic Conversations

Using telepathy in “same-time” open conversations means there’s no lapse between deliveries; you are tuned in to a person’s live streaming channel. The telepathic signal travels at less than one hundredth millisecond per target connection. Our world’s quickest internet connection is 2 megabits per second.

Cognition processors determine the elementary factors of the host (person transferring their reality). Every variable has alternative representations; the understanding of telepathic messages is reliant on sight in the mind’s eye.

Exhibit B: Personal Database Access

Cognition uses personal access to the realm of gen you have stored over a lifetime and scans over ideas, subjects, flashes, images and memories, simultaneously associating them with telepathic signals received. The information you obtain may contain a sequence that describes foreign (a new idea to you) subject matter. The brain may suggest an elucidation of the unrecognized idea, like offering green grapes for images of unripe elderberries. The wider your mental vocabulary of thoughts, the easier it is to decipher exact meaning.

Exhibit C: Grand Database Access

For every barrier a person may encounter while deciphering code, there is an obstacle alleviator. In the meditative state of mind, a person can access explanations and clarification by searching for the unknown concept through their own identifying strategy of higher intelligence.

Additionally, your understanding of a signal is what indicates reception to the sender/host. If they don’t sense your acknowledgement, they will most likely resend or try later.

Putting Mastered Thoughts on Auto Drive

How is it to possible to multitask the way we think we should be able to?

Exhibit A: Auto Drive Listening

Think of holding a cell phone up to your ear – the person on the other end is talking. Your mind can readily connect with the habitual process of “listening” upon either making or taking a call. Once the connection is solidified and the conversation is underway there is normally silence on one end or the other in between verbal exchanges. During the other person’s delivery, your mind will drift to a state relaxation mode for message reception. This state allows for a person to multi-task while “hearing”. Your ears will still  be receiving audible sounds from the engaged communicator and your brain will function to associate the input with accurate storage files. Relaxation allows for one to readily take on various facets of daily activity, while being tense pushes the limits of anxiety.

How do you respond on Auto Drive?

If you’re busy creating a mental grocery list and going over the day’s agenda during Auto Drive listening, then how are you to make conversation?

Exhibit B: The Meditative State of Mind

The meditative state of mind is necessary for mental relaxation. Don’t worry, your mind can play back any brain file. I use: run associated record x decipher code. This can be done with less time than it takes to actively listen – you are committing your conversation to endless memory. Subsequently, the bulk usage of response time is associated with thought composition, which allows for more effectively compiled messages.

Like Parallel Thinking, Auto Drive is a level controlled by the Master Thought (Constitution), which is like a personal mission statement. This is something unique to you but should encompass an idea that you want for your life, the person you’re striving to be. Evaluating who you believe you want to be should be measured against what you feel is most important to your purpose. What you desire to be is the thing you will usually feel you can do the best. Creating the venue to display this unique you and your skills is enabled by disciplined dreaming (I will discuss this term further in “The G-d of Dreams”).

The period of relaxation in face to face conversations is shorter than a phone call’s. People tend to talk for longer exchange periods on the telephone than in person due to the majority’s untapped ability to perceive nonverbal communication, such as telepathy. Either way, you have enough time to effectively multi-task during conversations by placing certain functions like the reception and organization of sound, on Auto Drive.

Let President Obama Work the Deal

As if mending a catastrophic downfall in our nation’s history should be easy. Why is the current administration striving for transparency in government? Because for decades the government’s business was conducted behind walls of bureaucracy and affluent interests; we see the results of that now.

Obama hit high numbers in 2009 by quickly implementing his plans to rectify the seemingly inevitable healthcare and economic doomsday. We would have seen a smoother road to recovery had the designs of political agenda not blockaded the Whitehouse.

Change takes time. How long does it take to reconstruct a government in order to meet the evolved needs of its citizens? The 2012 presidential hopefuls are hypothesizing with numbers they’ve never seen. There aren’t any crash courses for presidents. Come Thursday, we should all be listening. Obama’s in the thick of it now; he’s the man for the job, let him work the deal.

Sensory Receptors: Understanding the Components of Telepathy

Telepathic signals are received by sensory receptors, just like sensory organs process external stimuli. The organization of input is a natural function of brain activity. Instincts processes innate desires that govern the body and seek sustenance. In everyday life people experience a vast array of  sensations that their bodies are conditioned to handle. Immunity is one example of how the body handles disease (airborne, viral etc.). One can boost their immunity by living a healthy lifestyle and eliminating risk exposure. Similarly, mastering thoughts and spiritual health are pertinent to sixth sense development.

Love is transmitted telepathically, although it can be relayed through a palpable venue, such as writing or a gift. This is the strongest energy source man possesses, because it knows no boundaries. Love is limitless; it lasts forever and is perceived without tangibility. The nurture from parents to a child is apparent prior to their comprehension of words that describe parental emotion.

Breaking Down Obstacles to Sensory Receptions

G-d is the author of love so it is by connection to him that we decipher the messages of love. Each person has a different sequence by which they understand what love is. This unique code is used to identify a being in life’s energy source network.

Common Obstacles:


Inadequate self-love

Overactive use of self-love

Misinterpreted self-concept

Stereotype acceptance

We can use creative energy from our energy source to transform dreams into reality. Nightmares are manifestations of the weaker side of man and aren’t exempt from displays in the “real” world. Fear is the number one inhibitor of faith, without faith you cannot connect to the source. Other issues have to deal with how a person views their self-worth. Some are challenged by adverse inducements that fall categorically into extreme inadequacy or over-activity. Others feel they are expected to mold into a societally designed stereotype and measure their success by how they perceive their conformation.

Always Be Connected: ABC

Keep a channel open for supernatural guidance.

Universal Concept of Human Rights

How do we step inside of time? What is worth more than the many divisions of Planck’s units in which we breathe? Time, in this life experience, is more valuable to an individual than any magnitude of riches. Feeling the moment and enjoying each period of the day is what we’re all about. Human essence is our mark in time. The soul’s cry is what propels us through this lifetime, the glorious pathway of living ended with a stone bearing our name or ashes released into the sky.

A universal concept of anything seems out of reach in today’s age. We need more news, activities, technology and more versions of those things; or so we are led to believe. I’m not pointing any fingers – if one of us is to blame, then we all are.

The event of life befalls all humans. Each one of us is an extension of radiant energy with a purpose and innate drive to reach our dreams. The golden key is our freedom, something inhabitants of Earth sometimes take for granted. We see the pose of righteous rebellion in Libya and other nations whose people have had enough degradation. Depriving any human being their proper rights is unconstitutional in America, but even our intense recognition of democracy hits delays while battling the constants of established propaganda.

Creative justice is what means most, when deciding which rights should be universal or even worldwide. This process requires the practitioners of united magic to weave a net so grand that everyone on Earth can fit in it. Such a daunting task it is to determine what should be rules for all of us but the main things are simple. I think we should start with unpretentious ideas, like making it unlawful to capture innocent civilians and use them as ransom chips during times of war. Yes, we’re withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan, which is in the best interest of our country’s economy, but as Earthly citizens it is our duty to peaceably pressure a regime that allows eight-year-old boys to be hanged for “holy” war.

World peace does not necessitate world democracy, however, in the very least; every nation should uphold universal standards that not only protect Jefferson’s depiction of unalienable rights but also ensure the well-being and overall status of life for its citizens’ and itinerants’ time.