Master of Thoughts: Part I

“To him that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Jesus Christ)

How are we to train reflex actions within our brain? The answer takes a look into human nature and how we come to know our thoughts. Regardless of a person’s nationality, race, creed or religion; we all live and die. This commonality is a feathery component like the wings of a moth, our years just fade away. The essence is that we must grasp them and understand how to extend time. Our current age intends on furthering the idea of multitasking to include even more tasks being performed at an even faster rate.

First, take a look at the devices around you. An I-pad, Blackberry, or lap top is a tool used by humans to complete an action such as talking with a friend, sending a message and a plethora of other activities. We all know this. The point I’m making, is that the technology we see now is an extension of the human mind. We must learn to hear our own voices. This can be done through meditation, positive self –affirmations and visualization techniques. I will expound on these topics in future posts.

The way mind reading is portrayed in film is not how it occurs in the natural realm. Take X-Men’s Dr. Xavier for example, when he is portrayed as speaking to someone in their mind, the audience hears his voice. In actual telepathic communication, hearing may be processed by vibration and the concomitant voice does not accompany the signal. {Times were voices may be heard in telepathy is in the case of a flash message (like a video clip) or transference in an open conversation (where both sender and receiver are able to see and hear each other’s surroundings)}The notification of who the sender is needs to be attached to the message. The sender must be aware of this in order for their message to be received and associated with them.

Think about how Microsoft software functions on a pc. Filing, saving, and creating are all processes completed by the human brain. With current technology, we don’t have to verbally talk to each other to get a point across. We actively text, email, chat, tweet ect… The process is to contact, connect and communicate; it can all be done with the brain.


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Dangerous Games and the Dirty Word: Compromise

So what if we all die? Strange words coming from a humanitarian, you might say. I’d be in the dark, right? If a person fails to recognize the plight of another, they have failed to recognize themselves. The truth is, I can hardly bear that I typed those words but isn’t that similar to the bipartisan madness threatening the American people? It sums up to this: we are fighting a global war on terror, we are attempting to build a starship cruiser to “harpoon an asteroid” (expensive), our debt is climbing due to some frivolous spending in 2000, the baby boomer generation is retiring and set to diminish social security and our minds need to be on our money (Snoop Dog).

The problems we’re facing are a matter of global diplomacy and universal interest. If the President asks for my opinion; he will surely receive it. Let our voices be heard.

Mr. Cenk Uygur vs. Rev. Al Sharpton: American Dignity

The Rev. Al Sharpton came to a paramount realm of emancipation, when he personally boycotted speaking ill of the President. What have we done, America? We have called our devised creature to control human nature “a conglomerate of minds” and divided these minds to prevent what we call our natural manner. We single out one man, determined worthy by vote; to bear a signature – then we hassle his hand as he attempts to write. Perhaps, we are disengaged at this point; our consciences broiling with national crisis… Have we forgotten how we cheered him to ballot and proudly raised signs bearing his name? At the core of man, is his integrity. The Republican Party challenging Democratic occupancy should acknowledge American dignity. Our nation was founded upon the belief that, “all men are created equal” and should be treated as such. Anything but fair treatment is denying the President his rights as a citizen. Understandably, we should determine the highest form of action possible and there will be debate as to what is most important and in what margin. However, the statute is in plain sight; what is in the best interest of the American people?

Learn more about this issue at:,b=facebook


The Declaration of Independence (1776)

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Dreams from the Right Side: Recollection of Olfactory and Temporal Lobe Activities.

Perhaps it is most difficult for mankind to understand its capacity for mind reading because of our necessity for understanding processes. Telepathic research has been left without resolve and referred to as unexplainable phenomenon or “coincidences”. The use of mechanic devices such as Androids, are manifestations of what we believe we can accomplish through a conductor. Ujjwal Gupta and Ashish Rangnekar are two of America’s Freshest Impresarios. They have recently designed an app for several hand held devices, which allows students to complete coursework distantly.

Energies that desire these functions are our master thoughts. This is our “bigger self” dreaming of possibilities. The “little self” is the equaling counterpart of the “bigger self” creating a balanced being. Equilibrium of spirit is allowing the “little self” to be itself and the “bigger self” to be itself as well. This means that the two selves have to work in concordance with each other while meeting the standards and requirements within one being. For example, the two halves of the human brain (Exhibit A).

One’s “little self” gravitates to emotions like depression and fear. The more mediocre terms, anxiety and stress describe the milder imbalances. Emotions such as happiness or euphoria are associated with the “bigger self”. One feels big or important when they believe they participated in righteous justice. Every person is different. This makes us all the same.

Exhibit A: Temporal Glands and Olfactory Glands Process Telepathic Signals; Telepathic Signal Route Analyzed.


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Temporal Glands’ Functions: “responsible for hearing, memory, meaning, and language. They also play a role in emotion and learning. The temporal lobes are concerned with interpreting and processing auditory stimuli.”

Olfactory Glands’ Functions: “involved with the brain’s ability to recognize objects. It is responsible for our vision.”

Definitions retrieved from:

These lobes will feel pressure in most cases of extrasensory contact. The area above the ear on either side of the brain is the external of the temporal lobes. These regions, as well as the olfactory lobes at the rear of the brain, are active participants in telepathic decoding

The signal route in telepathy has been outlined as Chakras by spiritualist for ages but our scientific world has yet to confirm the exact location within the brain that this function takes place. Researchers have determined that “an association between telepathy and the right parahippocampal gyrus” is likelihood (Venkatasubramanian G, Jayakumar PN, Nagendra HR, Nagaraja D, Deeptha R, Gangadhar BN, 2008).

Intense Emotion or High Volume of Signals (Thoughts): Migraines.

Medicine Plus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine

clip_image003National Institutes of Health lists the symptoms for migraines and explains that certain individuals have auras prior to the onset of a migraine:

  • A temporary blind spot
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Seeing stars or zigzag lines
  • Tunnel vision

These symptoms are characteristic to a person receiving telepathic omissions.

The tunnel vision we experience is a direct channel being presented by another person; they are dialing your number. Seeing “stars or zigzag lines” are the energy omissions being sent by another party to you or particles of messages you personally sent. Temporary blind spots, eye pain and blurred vision are also side effects of improperly channeled or high volume signals.

Professor Simon Liversedge and his team at the University of Southampton established, “that our eyes are actually up to something much more exciting when we read – our eyes look at different letters in the same word and then combine the different images through a process known as fusion”. Their findings examined the process by which we read and also found, “that when our eyes are not looking at the same letter of the word, they are usually about two letters apart”…per Prof. Liversedge. “ ‘Although this difference might sound small, in fact it represents a very substantial difference in terms of the precise “picture” of the world that each eye delivers to the brain.’”

Elevated fusion is mind reading; with telepathic communication one may feel some shaking in the eyes most like rapid eye movement during the REM sleep level. This is the human eyes taking in signals and associating those signals with surroundings and prior knowledge of the subjects received. REM at a conscious state can be discombobulating. Just like speaking, walking and running, this can be more difficult for some than others to master but it is genetically innate in all humans.

Mark Twain’s accounts of ESP:

What Mr. Twain called “aberrations” where actually signals of elevated communication. He referred to the messages and inclinations he perceived from others he knew across great distances as “telegraphy”. In Mental Telegraphy, Twain expounds on his numerous accounts of premonition. He explained that he often felt an “urge” to write when he knew the person he intended to write was doing the same thing (1891).

In his words:

“With me the most irritating thing has been to wait a tedious time in a purely business matter, hoping that the other party will do the writing, and then sit down and do it myself, perfectly satisfied that that other man is sitting down at the same moment to write a letter which will “cross” mine. And yet one must go on writing, just the same; because if you get up from your table and postpone, that other man will do the same thing, exactly as if you two were harnessed together like the Siamese twins, and must duplicate each other’s movements.”

Twain could perceive intent and thoughts from others; however, he was unable to communicate to the other party as to whom should send the letter. His fear of the letters “crossing each other” and wasting time, energy, paper and postage deterred him from writing on occasion (1891).

Telepathy follows some verbal communicative guidelines. For communication to occur there must be a sender and a receiver. However, the person sending a signal in your direction may or may not be abreast they are doing so. Physical absorbance of the signals may be observed according to Dr. Mario Varvoglis, “A growing number of studies now show that, although receivers cannot consciously distinguish between ‘sending’ vs. ‘relax’ periods, their body somehow does know: GSR levels are consistently higher during the sender’s concentration periods than during the relaxation periods, which strongly suggests that the receiver is indeed detecting the efforts of the sender.”

The receiver interprets the sensory emission, organizes the codes of sequence and processes the information through cognition. This code is similar to the human ability to understand all languages being spoken at once. The cipher can be categorized as words, a flash or images. A talented telepath can be present in the mind’s eye of another person during an open conversation. This allows for quicker communication. There is less time focusing on what is being said, the message is understood first hand. Think of hearing a new song on the radio, mentally contacting a friend, advising them which station you’re listening to and the two of you experiencing it at the same time.

Fear is often the greatest inhibitor of ESP. The thing you are most afraid of you must master. Facing one’s fears is the epitome of freedom. Once you conquer fear itself; there’s nothing more to be afraid of. You will succeed, when you decide that regardless of failure, you will attempt again, until your goal is achieved.

Telepathy has been associated with extraterrestrial beings, aliens. By definition, God is an Alien. God is truth, but is He always blatant? What’s evident is; past constructs of faith and religion placed God in a human state. In some circles you may hear; “the Lord works in mysterious ways”. God can communicate to anything and in any form. To understand human potential, we must see our kind as one under God. Man uses his own dialogue to communicate to man; however, we are instilled with nonverbal communication. All species within a genus have the ability to communicate with any member of that group, regardless of geographic locale. The sixth sense is something we share with all beings of existence.


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“Cut, Cap and Balance”: Republican Political Agenda

What’s frustrating for young voters is seeing the Republican Party denounce any authority our President has over the White House. President Obama so happens to be a member of the Democratic Party. The sinking ship we call or economy was highly influenced by the preceding Republican Party. Why all this discussion on viewpoints? It’s no better than the arguments among the many sects of world religion. We’re barring down to ethics here and running out of time. Aug. 3rd, 2011, according to Oliver Knox for the Associated Press, is our deadline. Let’s call for common sense; it’s irresponsible to request that an amendment be passed to change our Constitution, when we will not be immediately progressing against the dilemmas at hand. This is just a Republican political agenda obstructing the path of solution. The American public is less concerned with which political party is running Washington; we want to regain consciousness of our dreams and stop worrying about the wars in DC.

The “cut, cap and balance” plan can be utilized once it is actually presentable. Copasetic ideals should not be offered as debt solutions. I agree that we should change the standards on governmental budget as it pertains to our declared system of reign. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to amend the Constitution as a matter of fixing this crisis. We need a turn- around time quick enough to support ignited supply and demand. Economic restoration is dependent upon analyzed strategy. Now the House is working seven days a week, that’s what the Cabinet has been doing.

The fact that our economic resolution may take years should not be surprising; it took us years to get here.


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Telepathic Conversations and Personal Responsibility:


We are signals. Humans are encasements of radiating energy. Murder can be tried for intent alone, and yet our society still pretends that our mental thoughts are in a three- dimensional solace.

Exhibit A: Why don’t we believe?


Humanity has struggled with its abilities throughout the centuries. In one era, such as the Dark Ages, ascended senses of being were shunned by the Roman Catholic Church due to belief of demonic possession or practice. According to Jeremy Smith, not long after the Dark Ages, “Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries: growing belief in science meant that all could not be explained – telepathy, other people’s science, witchcraft – was rejected out of hand”. Imagine were we would be now, if those waves knowledge had then been released? Perhaps our kind had yet to evolve to master our most innate capacities.

Have you ever told yourself something different while someone you perceived to be dubious communicated with you? Such as, “he/she really didn’t mean it that way”. However, you may perceive a different set of words between the ones verbally communicated and thus recognize inauthenticity.

Joanna Seere is “a telepathic communicator and spiritual healer for animals”. She is able to connect with the “soul” of an animal and also perform healings. Her abilities confirm telepathic communication is humankind’s ability to speak to beings without verbalizing words. The meanings of all things are transient and we are interconnected by our sustenance. Conversation can be carried throughout distance, across worlds.

The true spirit of a person, or their soul, is illuminate and conscience at all times. It may seem logical to perceive a soul as subconscious but it is always awake. What the true spirit of a person is saying may be different than what is coming out of their mouths. The thought process should be mastered in order to illuminate unwanted signals being propelled at the receiver of a message.


There are eyes that see beyond what is presented and outside what is within human power to manipulate. Ever heard the terms: snake eyes, shifty or liar? You can perceive delusion without hearing someone say aloud, “I’m lying to you”. If you listen between the lines, you’ll hear it. Humans will mentally  justify a lie immediately after telling one. Prior to a justification, there is a process that occurs, which may be called a flashback. It’s what really happened. This flash of memory is not normally controlled and will cause some additional stammering. Listen for concordance. The justification period begins when the liar recognizes holes in their story. Depending on skill, the liar will either, catch himself up in his own lie, evade the situation or weave a convincing story. There are liars that tell stories simply because they want the life they imagine and lack the experience to tell about. Then there are those that lie because they are naturally or uninhibitedly deceitful. All individuals have the capability to lie; we can avoid truth telling by our right. It is upon human discretion to know when to lie. For instance; it could be a life and death situation, where one might die for an unjust cause. Lying for an ethically acceptable reason may be permitted, but the determination of when to use deceit should be critically analyzed.

Personal responsibility calls for one to identify one’s spiritual thoughts and control them. We are responsible not only for what we say and do, but also for what we think about. This standard is less popular due to the circumstances it implies. Human culture has idolized personal freedom and expression and rightly so, these are our creative gifts and their admiration is edification.

The posture of man has alluded to reasoning far beyond our intellectual concepts –the Native American approach to the biosphere is perceptively naturalistic and favorable. We should consider fair treatment and acknowledgement of the rights of all living creatures as the basis for Planetary Ethics.

How we define the images our earth presents us is upon our own discretion. This is our world; the manner in which we communicate with each other has to elevate in order for us to become a beacon in our universe.


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Culture and Global Peace: International Realization

Culture is the catalyst for personality development. When one enters the world they are who they are and yet the world is not acquainted with them and they are not acquainted with the world. The circumstances of culture differ by region, ethnic group, religion and belief. The complexity and rhythm of communal culture has evolved over time but in circumference of the individual.

The cultural aspects that influence viewpoints are multi-ethnic and require a different standpoint than the majority of the world, which is now becoming acclimated to the idea of mixed races.  The North American phenomena, the hybrid model citizen, will be in most situations, a mixture of more than one ethnic group.

Individuals, at one time, were required to list their “primary race” in census and particularly on job applications. Simply put, there are now laws protecting the individual standard of life as it pertains to the United States of America and other countries that accept a universal maxim for human rights. The reason for these statutes is vested in the lessons learned from our predecessors.

The mindset of an environment formulates how a person perceives right and wrong and furthermore, how they interpret others that are different than them. The main influence of culture(s) is how it accepts and tolerates the world’s varying belief systems. International law is a metronome for peace and yet success has been limited according to Todd Landman in his Comparative Study of Protecting Human Rights. Landman refers to Rwanda in his explanation of the progression of global peace. What should be universally accepted in all cultures across the world is the concept of planetary ethics. This would include statutes insuring the rights of mankind as a race, the earth and its creatures.


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