Key Ingredient for Unemployment Rates: Wrongful Termination in Corporate America

Wrongful Termination: Key points on unemployment rates. These days, people lose their jobs for obscure reasons and are penalized for things that are at minimal, human nature. Some companies request that the employees predict which days they will be sick and schedule them throughout the year. This is often called Paid Time Off, or PTO, for days allotted per individual. In many instances, a certain amount of time off is available per day and once that time is booked, anyone missing that day will be penalized. There is a limited amount of penalties allotted individuals by which at a certain juncture that individual would be subject to a final written warning and most likely terminated upon missing any additional work. Suspicion is high in these environments, permission for time off is like gold – fear of termination is prevalent, hysteria exists, medical issues evolve from the excruciating pressure of adherence to the expectations of enslavement.

This, my fellow Americans, is no better than the Industrial Age; we must continue to take strides in determining the appropriate and fair treatment of one another. The infrastructure of our nature is built upon the facets of Liberty. We toy with Locke’s expressions on personal amendments and declaration. How can we control the essence of our communities without handling the causes of their destruction? Education is the key aspect of the multidimensional field of human development and should be the foundation of any organization. Negative issues within companies can be pinpointed to employee/customer relationships. The strength of those relationships is dependent on the value of communication and delivery of expectations. However, the internal renaissance of man necessitates evolvement. There are certain jobs that no one wants to do, because of the mere disgust you must stomach to complete the tasks. Oftentimes, adults are treated as children in the workplace and fall prey to the misconduct of ill-trained superiors.

Issue 1: Unemployment Rate 9.2% in June 2011 Unemployment Initial (UI) Claims 405,000 in the week ending July 9, 2011 UI Claims 4-Week Average 423,250 in the week ending July 9, 2011; according to the Department of Labor; why are so many companies cutting corners and jobs?

A fair government requires a fair people. The real concern is: Washington being disconnected from the people due to inaccurate numbers presented by employers. It takes time and investigation by the Department of Labor to establish illegalities have been committed all while respecting the rights of companies. We the people, have to stand for our rights. I’m not advocating inaccurate whistleblowing to ignite further unemployment rates. The point is: the integrity of our nation is at stake and we should be taking action and speaking up against what we know is wrong. Employees: two wrongs don’t make a right. Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. Simplistic values have been declined because we failed to recognize the power of democracy.

Issue 2: Healthcare Reform: Issues surrounding reform should appear radical. The proportionate values of human health and rights are evident; however the implications surrounding change have been over-amplified and exaggerated. What the President and his Cabinet cannot do, is erase what has been done, rather, the plan for action is required to indicate careful reasoning of what has caused our issues and set forth to amend the plan with deviation from repeating the same mistakes.

It seems we are overcomplicating the issues. Credit evaluations for an entire nation is an arduous task but the people must speak up and be activists rather than reactive.

Companies are looking for ways to alleviate the required expenses associated with Healthcare. Employees are looking for compensation that offsets the risks of disability, medical leaves and ect … Where we must meet is somewhere in the middle. Free enterprise built this company and we live off the fruits sowed by mental giants that spawned a creative influx of economic growth. Malpractice is a prominent demon in every aspect of business and without resolution of ethical concerns; we are at a loss for recovery.


Stats provided by the Department of Labor, 2011.

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