Telepathic Conversations and Personal Responsibility:


We are signals. Humans are encasements of radiating energy. Murder can be tried for intent alone, and yet our society still pretends that our mental thoughts are in a three- dimensional solace.

Exhibit A: Why don’t we believe?


Humanity has struggled with its abilities throughout the centuries. In one era, such as the Dark Ages, ascended senses of being were shunned by the Roman Catholic Church due to belief of demonic possession or practice. According to Jeremy Smith, not long after the Dark Ages, “Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries: growing belief in science meant that all could not be explained – telepathy, other people’s science, witchcraft – was rejected out of hand”. Imagine were we would be now, if those waves knowledge had then been released? Perhaps our kind had yet to evolve to master our most innate capacities.

Have you ever told yourself something different while someone you perceived to be dubious communicated with you? Such as, “he/she really didn’t mean it that way”. However, you may perceive a different set of words between the ones verbally communicated and thus recognize inauthenticity.

Joanna Seere is “a telepathic communicator and spiritual healer for animals”. She is able to connect with the “soul” of an animal and also perform healings. Her abilities confirm telepathic communication is humankind’s ability to speak to beings without verbalizing words. The meanings of all things are transient and we are interconnected by our sustenance. Conversation can be carried throughout distance, across worlds.

The true spirit of a person, or their soul, is illuminate and conscience at all times. It may seem logical to perceive a soul as subconscious but it is always awake. What the true spirit of a person is saying may be different than what is coming out of their mouths. The thought process should be mastered in order to illuminate unwanted signals being propelled at the receiver of a message.


There are eyes that see beyond what is presented and outside what is within human power to manipulate. Ever heard the terms: snake eyes, shifty or liar? You can perceive delusion without hearing someone say aloud, “I’m lying to you”. If you listen between the lines, you’ll hear it. Humans will mentally  justify a lie immediately after telling one. Prior to a justification, there is a process that occurs, which may be called a flashback. It’s what really happened. This flash of memory is not normally controlled and will cause some additional stammering. Listen for concordance. The justification period begins when the liar recognizes holes in their story. Depending on skill, the liar will either, catch himself up in his own lie, evade the situation or weave a convincing story. There are liars that tell stories simply because they want the life they imagine and lack the experience to tell about. Then there are those that lie because they are naturally or uninhibitedly deceitful. All individuals have the capability to lie; we can avoid truth telling by our right. It is upon human discretion to know when to lie. For instance; it could be a life and death situation, where one might die for an unjust cause. Lying for an ethically acceptable reason may be permitted, but the determination of when to use deceit should be critically analyzed.

Personal responsibility calls for one to identify one’s spiritual thoughts and control them. We are responsible not only for what we say and do, but also for what we think about. This standard is less popular due to the circumstances it implies. Human culture has idolized personal freedom and expression and rightly so, these are our creative gifts and their admiration is edification.

The posture of man has alluded to reasoning far beyond our intellectual concepts –the Native American approach to the biosphere is perceptively naturalistic and favorable. We should consider fair treatment and acknowledgement of the rights of all living creatures as the basis for Planetary Ethics.

How we define the images our earth presents us is upon our own discretion. This is our world; the manner in which we communicate with each other has to elevate in order for us to become a beacon in our universe.


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