Dangerous Games and the Dirty Word: Compromise

So what if we all die? Strange words coming from a humanitarian, you might say. I’d be in the dark, right? If a person fails to recognize the plight of another, they have failed to recognize themselves. The truth is, I can hardly bear that I typed those words but isn’t that similar to the bipartisan madness threatening the American people? It sums up to this: we are fighting a global war on terror, we are attempting to build a starship cruiser to “harpoon an asteroid” (expensive), our debt is climbing due to some frivolous spending in 2000, the baby boomer generation is retiring and set to diminish social security and our minds need to be on our money (Snoop Dog).

The problems we’re facing are a matter of global diplomacy and universal interest. If the President asks for my opinion; he will surely receive it. Let our voices be heard.


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