Master of Thoughts: Part I

“To him that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Jesus Christ)

How are we to train reflex actions within our brain? The answer takes a look into human nature and how we come to know our thoughts. Regardless of a person’s nationality, race, creed or religion; we all live and die. This commonality is a feathery component like the wings of a moth, our years just fade away. The essence is that we must grasp them and understand how to extend time. Our current age intends on furthering the idea of multitasking to include even more tasks being performed at an even faster rate.

First, take a look at the devices around you. An I-pad, Blackberry, or lap top is a tool used by humans to complete an action such as talking with a friend, sending a message and a plethora of other activities. We all know this. The point I’m making, is that the technology we see now is an extension of the human mind. We must learn to hear our own voices. This can be done through meditation, positive self –affirmations and visualization techniques. I will expound on these topics in future posts.

The way mind reading is portrayed in film is not how it occurs in the natural realm. Take X-Men’s Dr. Xavier for example, when he is portrayed as speaking to someone in their mind, the audience hears his voice. In actual telepathic communication, hearing may be processed by vibration and the concomitant voice does not accompany the signal. {Times were voices may be heard in telepathy is in the case of a flash message (like a video clip) or transference in an open conversation (where both sender and receiver are able to see and hear each other’s surroundings)}The notification of who the sender is needs to be attached to the message. The sender must be aware of this in order for their message to be received and associated with them.

Think about how Microsoft software functions on a pc. Filing, saving, and creating are all processes completed by the human brain. With current technology, we don’t have to verbally talk to each other to get a point across. We actively text, email, chat, tweet ect… The process is to contact, connect and communicate; it can all be done with the brain.


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