Just a Sunday Short: Possibilities of Prayer

As a firm believer in the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, my loyalty lies with my G-d and my King.

Most feel that prayer is a request, a question, or an inquiry on direction (2011). Do you hear silence when you listen for G-d?

The definition of prayer can be misconstrued due to translation: According to Maimonides (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon):

“We are told to offer up prayers to G‑d, in order to establish firmly the true principle that G‑d takes notice of our ways…”

Seeing is believing; but it is believing that causes us to see. How wonderful is the world? Louis Armstrong described his perspective on G-d’s handiwork and concluded, “What a Wonderful World” (2008).

The simplicity of beauty is inspired by the unexplainable components that create it. If the stars were created only to cause us to wonder, then we should wonder longer.

Prayer is beyond the calculation of quantum physics. If you want to know G-d; start by getting to know Him. Omnipotent means, He possess any power we can imagine, dream up and all the things we haven’t even attempted to think about.

So you can pray of course; or you can just talk to G-d – He’s already listening.



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