Humans: Spiritual Aliens

In context, we associate ourselves as human beings. What this means is: for the time “being” we are at our current state of nature. What is Heaven? Imagine a World of Islands…

Circumstantial evidence is providing today’s researchers with information newly made available to the public. Preparation for world invasion requires preemptive thought and deems classified items be released to humans.

What truth is to one may be fallacy for another. Are Universal ethics to be expected from these unearthly beings?

Scientists estimate that creatures of other worlds struggle with balancing ethics as we do. Earth’s human inhabitants have sought a universal standard of ethics like those developed by the “… UNDP,” which, “was among the first to lay out the dimensions of human security, [*101] adopting a seven-fold categorization where the prerequisites for human security were listed as economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, personal security, community security, and political security”. These are standards yet to be stabilized according to the posture sought after. Primarily, we are still fighting on our planet. We are at war against each other: ourselves; recent terrorist events in Afghanistan and Norway give us vivid recognition that the problems we fail to medicate are killing innocent people.

For me, “alone in the universe” sounds like “a flat Earth”. The public is aware we have created the technology to reach neighboring planets … Unfortunately, mass hysteria is expected from humankind if we were to suddenly have no doubt that aliens existed. However, we’ve been preparing ourselves for an encounter for years.

Researchers traced the “English elm” back to its Roman origins and deemed it of “alien” arrival to Britain (2007). It is of our nature to trace backgrounds. Knowing our ancestry inspires one to announce their purpose and desire. Some view the world in a sense of “spiritual immanence” and are attracted to the thoughts of spiritual acceptance of all beings (2003).

What is relative to humans and those we currently perceive as extraterrestrials is the dependency on source. What source drives the body? What part of you is always you?



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