Intuitive Technology: Part 1



Our society is dependent upon our evolved technology.

Primary exhibits:

1. humans emit energy

2. energy can be controlled

3. we can eliminate the misuse of purloined (Earth’s) energy or even the need for it entirely

We are about three generations out from being able to access innate spiritual abilities. With the efforts of others and I; we will see a future that transcends information without the use of devices such as our cutting edge society requires presently.

Because human actualization is not taught in educational systems, with the exception of spiritually inclined institutions, the majority of human culture lacks the ability to master thoughts or energy at higher levels.

Once again, ethics must be considered. Some have willed energy in manners that destroyed lives, Constantine, Hitler, Osama ben Laden. These manifestations of mankind’s dark side should be feared but can be avoided. One should not wish ill will toward anyone – there is no greater devil than the weakness that befalls us.

Technological terms have not been created to describe what I mean by intuitive technology. However, we are able to create whatever we think of. In this sense, remember what you wish for, convenience a cool breeze etc.…

The principles of modern thought fall subsequent to an age where man’s creations allowed him access to wherever he dreamt of going and by whatever means required to arrive.

Mastering energy in same time motion is more complicated for our current age than formulating software that can recognize the energy emissions produced by humans and perform the associated tasks. In the future, we can eliminate the usage of oil and put a stop to other harmful earth pillaging (if anyone is wondering about the frequency of earthquakes).




Moriah Davis I



2 responses to “Intuitive Technology: Part 1

  1. I think as time and knowledge progress we humans will find that not even energy exists forever just thought. Thought is the only thing we can’t even begin to define it’s why God said that we could only truely find him thru Faith. In the end I believe that faith and thought are one in the same.
    Just a thought!

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