Telepathy: Just another Way to Communicate

This is a simple post; just a snack for thought. When I write about telepathy, I’m compartmentalizing a minuscule portion of our “sixth sense”. Humans are able to perceive ideas, without hearing the words spoken that relay thoughts. We describe the visionary sequence of thoughts by language. Telepathy is beyond the style of verbal expression – this process transfers the image a word or words depict.

Exhibit A: It’s real

One may conduct their own research of telepathy. Since the majority of humans are not taught to use this skill, self-study is necessary to begin. Accessing telepathic channels will open the door for psychic discovery.

Exhibit B: Go

The first phase is, thinking it “over”. Organized thoughts are transmitted easily and received readily. Because this transmission can occur, while you’re thinking, it’s important to master your thoughts.


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