iamthedreambeliever.org is dedicated to my father, Rabbi Larry W. Davis, to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream, and the prayers of the Saints that sing “Holy” as we all wait for peace on Earth.

This is a blog about telepathy, world peace and the way these two concepts coincide. The trajectory of a man’s thought can create pathways through the barriers of language. Telepathy is innate in all human beings and is a faster form of communication than speech. Telepathy can take place, at the same time, in any time zone, just like a concise phone call. This is a passageway between people, our human network.

How does world peace fit in? What separates us now is confusion; we keep fighting because we can’t “see eye to eye”. Common ground as human beings and a universal understanding of human rights is needed to heal our world. We can…

New posts are added Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, although I throw in a mixer on a hot political topic or media headline every now and then. Your ideas and opinions are welcome. If there’s a topic you’d like to see on this blog,you may contact me via email or add it in your comments.

Upcoming topics:

How the Omnipotent are Changing the World 9/20/2011

It is the light that burns within us that casts the shadow.


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