How the Omnipotent are Changing the World

Changing the world? Chipping away at the “old” problems.

Exhibit A: The omnipotent (s) changed time…

Your days are longer whether you’ve noticed it or not. The moment you can out shoot your opponent in a DRAW is the same moment you can turn their bullets into bubbles. So why will the remainder of my posts be offline?

Exhibit B: We’ve loosened up traffic.

Yes, traffic is dwindling in areas where we travel. The point is to recognize the duty you have to other people and just keep moving forward. That’s right, for free…for our freedom; we are working to dissolve the problems that inhibit people from enjoying their life experience.


Let President Obama Work the Deal

As if mending a catastrophic downfall in our nation’s history should be easy. Why is the current administration striving for transparency in government? Because for decades the government’s business was conducted behind walls of bureaucracy and affluent interests; we see the results of that now.

Obama hit high numbers in 2009 by quickly implementing his plans to rectify the seemingly inevitable healthcare and economic doomsday. We would have seen a smoother road to recovery had the designs of political agenda not blockaded the Whitehouse.

Change takes time. How long does it take to reconstruct a government in order to meet the evolved needs of its citizens? The 2012 presidential hopefuls are hypothesizing with numbers they’ve never seen. There aren’t any crash courses for presidents. Come Thursday, we should all be listening. Obama’s in the thick of it now; he’s the man for the job, let him work the deal.

Intuitive Technology: Part 1



Our society is dependent upon our evolved technology.

Primary exhibits:

1. humans emit energy

2. energy can be controlled

3. we can eliminate the misuse of purloined (Earth’s) energy or even the need for it entirely

We are about three generations out from being able to access innate spiritual abilities. With the efforts of others and I; we will see a future that transcends information without the use of devices such as our cutting edge society requires presently.

Because human actualization is not taught in educational systems, with the exception of spiritually inclined institutions, the majority of human culture lacks the ability to master thoughts or energy at higher levels.

Once again, ethics must be considered. Some have willed energy in manners that destroyed lives, Constantine, Hitler, Osama ben Laden. These manifestations of mankind’s dark side should be feared but can be avoided. One should not wish ill will toward anyone – there is no greater devil than the weakness that befalls us.

Technological terms have not been created to describe what I mean by intuitive technology. However, we are able to create whatever we think of. In this sense, remember what you wish for, convenience a cool breeze etc.…

The principles of modern thought fall subsequent to an age where man’s creations allowed him access to wherever he dreamt of going and by whatever means required to arrive.

Mastering energy in same time motion is more complicated for our current age than formulating software that can recognize the energy emissions produced by humans and perform the associated tasks. In the future, we can eliminate the usage of oil and put a stop to other harmful earth pillaging (if anyone is wondering about the frequency of earthquakes).




Moriah Davis I


Humans: Spiritual Aliens

In context, we associate ourselves as human beings. What this means is: for the time “being” we are at our current state of nature. What is Heaven? Imagine a World of Islands…

Circumstantial evidence is providing today’s researchers with information newly made available to the public. Preparation for world invasion requires preemptive thought and deems classified items be released to humans.

What truth is to one may be fallacy for another. Are Universal ethics to be expected from these unearthly beings?

Scientists estimate that creatures of other worlds struggle with balancing ethics as we do. Earth’s human inhabitants have sought a universal standard of ethics like those developed by the “… UNDP,” which, “was among the first to lay out the dimensions of human security, [*101] adopting a seven-fold categorization where the prerequisites for human security were listed as economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, personal security, community security, and political security”. These are standards yet to be stabilized according to the posture sought after. Primarily, we are still fighting on our planet. We are at war against each other: ourselves; recent terrorist events in Afghanistan and Norway give us vivid recognition that the problems we fail to medicate are killing innocent people.

For me, “alone in the universe” sounds like “a flat Earth”. The public is aware we have created the technology to reach neighboring planets … Unfortunately, mass hysteria is expected from humankind if we were to suddenly have no doubt that aliens existed. However, we’ve been preparing ourselves for an encounter for years.

Researchers traced the “English elm” back to its Roman origins and deemed it of “alien” arrival to Britain (2007). It is of our nature to trace backgrounds. Knowing our ancestry inspires one to announce their purpose and desire. Some view the world in a sense of “spiritual immanence” and are attracted to the thoughts of spiritual acceptance of all beings (2003).

What is relative to humans and those we currently perceive as extraterrestrials is the dependency on source. What source drives the body? What part of you is always you?



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Dangerous Games and the Dirty Word: Compromise

So what if we all die? Strange words coming from a humanitarian, you might say. I’d be in the dark, right? If a person fails to recognize the plight of another, they have failed to recognize themselves. The truth is, I can hardly bear that I typed those words but isn’t that similar to the bipartisan madness threatening the American people? It sums up to this: we are fighting a global war on terror, we are attempting to build a starship cruiser to “harpoon an asteroid” (expensive), our debt is climbing due to some frivolous spending in 2000, the baby boomer generation is retiring and set to diminish social security and our minds need to be on our money (Snoop Dog).

The problems we’re facing are a matter of global diplomacy and universal interest. If the President asks for my opinion; he will surely receive it. Let our voices be heard.

Mr. Cenk Uygur vs. Rev. Al Sharpton: American Dignity

The Rev. Al Sharpton came to a paramount realm of emancipation, when he personally boycotted speaking ill of the President. What have we done, America? We have called our devised creature to control human nature “a conglomerate of minds” and divided these minds to prevent what we call our natural manner. We single out one man, determined worthy by vote; to bear a signature – then we hassle his hand as he attempts to write. Perhaps, we are disengaged at this point; our consciences broiling with national crisis… Have we forgotten how we cheered him to ballot and proudly raised signs bearing his name? At the core of man, is his integrity. The Republican Party challenging Democratic occupancy should acknowledge American dignity. Our nation was founded upon the belief that, “all men are created equal” and should be treated as such. Anything but fair treatment is denying the President his rights as a citizen. Understandably, we should determine the highest form of action possible and there will be debate as to what is most important and in what margin. However, the statute is in plain sight; what is in the best interest of the American people?

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