“Cut, Cap and Balance”: Republican Political Agenda

What’s frustrating for young voters is seeing the Republican Party denounce any authority our President has over the White House. President Obama so happens to be a member of the Democratic Party. The sinking ship we call or economy was highly influenced by the preceding Republican Party. Why all this discussion on viewpoints? It’s no better than the arguments among the many sects of world religion. We’re barring down to ethics here and running out of time. Aug. 3rd, 2011, according to Oliver Knox for the Associated Press, is our deadline. Let’s call for common sense; it’s irresponsible to request that an amendment be passed to change our Constitution, when we will not be immediately progressing against the dilemmas at hand. This is just a Republican political agenda obstructing the path of solution. The American public is less concerned with which political party is running Washington; we want to regain consciousness of our dreams and stop worrying about the wars in DC.

The “cut, cap and balance” plan can be utilized once it is actually presentable. Copasetic ideals should not be offered as debt solutions. I agree that we should change the standards on governmental budget as it pertains to our declared system of reign. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to amend the Constitution as a matter of fixing this crisis. We need a turn- around time quick enough to support ignited supply and demand. Economic restoration is dependent upon analyzed strategy. Now the House is working seven days a week, that’s what the Cabinet has been doing.

The fact that our economic resolution may take years should not be surprising; it took us years to get here.


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