Universal Concept of Human Rights

How do we step inside of time? What is worth more than the many divisions of Planck’s units in which we breathe? Time, in this life experience, is more valuable to an individual than any magnitude of riches. Feeling the moment and enjoying each period of the day is what we’re all about. Human essence is our mark in time. The soul’s cry is what propels us through this lifetime, the glorious pathway of living ended with a stone bearing our name or ashes released into the sky.

A universal concept of anything seems out of reach in today’s age. We need more news, activities, technology and more versions of those things; or so we are led to believe. I’m not pointing any fingers – if one of us is to blame, then we all are.

The event of life befalls all humans. Each one of us is an extension of radiant energy with a purpose and innate drive to reach our dreams. The golden key is our freedom, something inhabitants of Earth sometimes take for granted. We see the pose of righteous rebellion in Libya and other nations whose people have had enough degradation. Depriving any human being their proper rights is unconstitutional in America, but even our intense recognition of democracy hits delays while battling the constants of established propaganda.

Creative justice is what means most, when deciding which rights should be universal or even worldwide. This process requires the practitioners of united magic to weave a net so grand that everyone on Earth can fit in it. Such a daunting task it is to determine what should be rules for all of us but the main things are simple. I think we should start with unpretentious ideas, like making it unlawful to capture innocent civilians and use them as ransom chips during times of war. Yes, we’re withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan, which is in the best interest of our country’s economy, but as Earthly citizens it is our duty to peaceably pressure a regime that allows eight-year-old boys to be hanged for “holy” war.

World peace does not necessitate world democracy, however, in the very least; every nation should uphold universal standards that not only protect Jefferson’s depiction of unalienable rights but also ensure the well-being and overall status of life for its citizens’ and itinerants’ time.