Let President Obama Work the Deal

As if mending a catastrophic downfall in our nation’s history should be easy. Why is the current administration striving for transparency in government? Because for decades the government’s business was conducted behind walls of bureaucracy and affluent interests; we see the results of that now.

Obama hit high numbers in 2009 by quickly implementing his plans to rectify the seemingly inevitable healthcare and economic doomsday. We would have seen a smoother road to recovery had the designs of political agenda not blockaded the Whitehouse.

Change takes time. How long does it take to reconstruct a government in order to meet the evolved needs of its citizens? The 2012 presidential hopefuls are hypothesizing with numbers they’ve never seen. There aren’t any crash courses for presidents. Come Thursday, we should all be listening. Obama’s in the thick of it now; he’s the man for the job, let him work the deal.