Sensory Receptors: Understanding the Components of Telepathy

Telepathic signals are received by sensory receptors, just like sensory organs process external stimuli. The organization of input is a natural function of brain activity. Instincts processes innate desires that govern the body and seek sustenance. In everyday life people experience a vast array of  sensations that their bodies are conditioned to handle. Immunity is one example of how the body handles disease (airborne, viral etc.). One can boost their immunity by living a healthy lifestyle and eliminating risk exposure. Similarly, mastering thoughts and spiritual health are pertinent to sixth sense development.

Love is transmitted telepathically, although it can be relayed through a palpable venue, such as writing or a gift. This is the strongest energy source man possesses, because it knows no boundaries. Love is limitless; it lasts forever and is perceived without tangibility. The nurture from parents to a child is apparent prior to their comprehension of words that describe parental emotion.

Breaking Down Obstacles to Sensory Receptions

G-d is the author of love so it is by connection to him that we decipher the messages of love. Each person has a different sequence by which they understand what love is. This unique code is used to identify a being in life’s energy source network.

Common Obstacles:


Inadequate self-love

Overactive use of self-love

Misinterpreted self-concept

Stereotype acceptance

We can use creative energy from our energy source to transform dreams into reality. Nightmares are manifestations of the weaker side of man and aren’t exempt from displays in the “real” world. Fear is the number one inhibitor of faith, without faith you cannot connect to the source. Other issues have to deal with how a person views their self-worth. Some are challenged by adverse inducements that fall categorically into extreme inadequacy or over-activity. Others feel they are expected to mold into a societally designed stereotype and measure their success by how they perceive their conformation.

Always Be Connected: ABC

Keep a channel open for supernatural guidance.